28 February - 01 March, 2019 | The STAR Gold Coast, Queensland, QLD

Susan Kelso

General Manager, Customer Experience
Compare the Market Australia

3:25 PM Case Study: Moving from Transactions to Building Customer Relationships at Compare the Market Australia

Since first launching its operations in 2012, Compare the Market Australia have grown their contact centres and customer interactions from a traditional transactional mindset to building relationships and improving engagement. To get the best results for an online platform, the organisation established the need to embed a Customer Experience function to help re-evaluate how customers engage and interact through various touch points from social media, online journeys and telephony services to ensure the human to human interactions are not lost.

  • How Compare the Market’s contact centre moved from being a standalone function to working in conjunction with other online journeys and platforms to better shift the organisation’s mindset from business driven to customer led
  • Exploring voice of customer tools to articulate which areas of the business are in high demand of human interactions and engagement
  • Developing awareness in the organisation to understand what Customer Experience means for the business and how this translates into customer’s perceptions on future interactions and contact

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